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 What i've been up to in the past 5 month

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PostSubject: What i've been up to in the past 5 month   Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:53 pm

Since 2011 came in, i've been doing lot of stuff and i felt like sharing it.

This winter, i've been playing mostly Black Ops which is fucking garbage so i decided to boost like i used to do on modern warfare 2. Faggoty Treyarch reset me and ban me for 48 hour. So i rage quitted. Since then, i didn't prestige once and i'm still lvl 40. Last time i played this piece of shit game was like a month ago when the map pack came out. Don't expect me to buy the upcoming one in 9 day and waste 15$ once again, for the third time. I then realized that modern warfare 2 wasn't that bad and i bought it again, since i snapped in half my old copy. Thus said, i practiced alot my quick scoping and i'm now good at it.

About midway in february, i decided to open OxyMS for the what, 10th time? V83, we had a pretty shitty source because i was extremely lazy until i met some guy called Calvin. He became our coder and GFX person. He designed the site too. We had a Vbulletin forum (Fuck forumotion) which i designed. It was pretty nice, yellow and black color scheme with a blue to white gradient for the background. The server was hosted on a VPS (Softsys, look it up) that Junior (A friend of mine) paid for me. I closed the server after about 1 or 2 month due to the lack of people and lack of money coming in. But what i don't understand, is that the source was SEXY like there was no tomorrow, but still no one played it. MEANWHILE, A SHITTY UNCODED SERVER CALLED FRIDAYMS WAS 5TH IN THE TOP 100. WTFBBQSAUCE. Anyway.

Been playing some xbox after the closure and after about a week, i moved on to Minecraft. I oppened a server like 1 or 2 month ago called Oxycraft. The players really enjoyed it and it was alot of fun. Our plugins were really settled well. Due to a fucking port forwarding error,
i had to close it. So in the beginning of june, i started another server with my friend Logan called Kaedecraft. It was a RPG-like server hosted on a Servercraft Tier 2 that he bought with his money. Sadly, he requested for a cancellation because of the lack of players.

Recently, i went back at Halo Reach since most of my real life friend are playing it instead of black ops now and i'm currently a Commander, almost grade 1. My bro broke my shitty headset (The 1 that come with your xbox) and so, i was forced to buy a new one. Its a earforce x11, a turtle beach. I got it for 45$ over there on amazon, i should be receiving it by June 27 if their prediction are right.

Also, a few hours ago, i applied for youtube partnership programs. I got all my chance considering i have a decent amount of subscribers and views. i can't wait for their answer. EDIT: They refused it because i had 2 strike.

ANYWAY, here my contact information:

Skype: oxysoftzz
Gamertag: OxysoftHD
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What i've been up to in the past 5 month
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